GG Templates: Speed up your development

  • Did you ever have to deal with Design Architectures on iOS?
  • Did you have to create a lot of folders and files all the time to comply with the architecture?
  • Probably you had to copy and paste a lot of code and then rename it, didn’t you?

Well… What if I tell you that I have a solution?

I’ve been working on a personal tool for a couple of weeks and I was trying to create something that helps me speed up the development of the architecture in a project.

Many times I used MVP architecture or MVVM in different projects, but always I have to deal with the same stuff:

Create a model folder, a model file, create the view folder and its file, the viewmodel folder, viewmodel file, service layer and all the code.

I got tired with that process, so I started to develop a tool to create files, folders and code faster and share it with the dev community.

Without more preamble, I want to introduce you to GG Templates.

GG Templates provides some Xcode templates with Swift code that you can use to speed up your development. You can choose between architectures such as MVVM or MVP (I will add more), to create complete models, or utils like a Base Service.

You just have to download or clone the repository, write a command in your terminal to open the installer and choose the templates you want to install and that’s it. You can see the explanation from the reposity.

I hope this helps you in your developer life and make the things faster.

If you have recommendations, changes or improvements, please let me know in a comment below or just create a Pull Request on Github.

Thanks a lot and Happy coding!

iOS Engineer at Rocket Insights

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